KUSAZA is a Swahili word means to eat enough, as we understand how delicious and amazing our dishes are, we believe you will it until you get really full.

It is a food delivery and catering company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we only work with well qualified restaurants / kitchens as we assure our clients to expect the best from us.

African cuisines, European and Asian dishes,
Note, breakfast and bites are also available,

Furthermore, KUSAZA also works with the best bakeries in the city (Dar es Salaam) that offer the best event cakes (birthday and wedding cakes) bread, bites, we usually supply for the events (birthday, parties, anniversaries, wedding ect), offices, and homes.

Catering is one of our most needed service in the city, Our catering providers are happy to comply with your health and safety guidelines, apart from having local and international dishes we also have special meals based on our client’s preferences.

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